An effective tool for fostering customer retention, enhance loyalty and supports dealer’s network turnover. ARC Europe Group proudly represents the best in class network with over 40,000 patrols and towing fleet is ready to assist and serve your customers.

ARC Europe Group is now offering tailor made solutions for its customer base portfolio. Unique loyalty assistance services at a competitive financial package with our well known established automotive network. The Service Activated Roadside Assistance product offer (SARA), provides assistance to the beneficiaries after OEMs warranty expires and maintains the loyalty from a first degree to an ultimate owner experience journey. The SARA program is flexible and accommodates multiple solutions including onsite repairs and secondary services, including eventually a premium service where labor costs are also covered after an occurred breakdown. Upon towage (escort) of an entitled vehicle to an official dealer by an ARC Service Provider. The main beneficiaries are related to your B2C.




Tyre Insurance
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